Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Just keep swimming.......

Gary is doing pretty good so far this week. No new symptoms to report. His hands are clearer and seem to be healing. The back of his neck looks like it is trying to heal as well. No new ouchies to report. As always his muscle weakness is present. But he has not fallen or had any ankle folding and crash to the ground. I am encouraged by this! I think keeping up the presidone and anti-bodies will keep the disease from progressing. I think he will continue to flare here and there. I am looking forward to building his muscles back up. We were talking last night about how Elexis tooked Gary and layed him on top on her so they were face to face then rolled off. Once he found himself on the ground he just stayed there with his face in carpet, not able to move. It reminded me of a newborn with no muscle strength to lift his head. He tried to have a tantrum on me this morning but has no muscle strength to hold his own body steady to maintain balance during the vigourous movement of tantrum. So with a few stomps and hoots and hollers he finds himself on the ground. I know it is not funny at all, but as a mother I can at least say, "you get what you get and you don't have a fit or you end up on the ground?". No need to discipline. Poor baby, LOL. I don't say that to him, I just think it.

Grandpa Gary is having surgery today on his ears to hopefully restore some hearing! Prayers for Grandpa Gary!

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