Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Tomorrow we might get to come home! Yeah! My sister did not like my last blog so I honored her and took it down. Hopefully not to many people read it. Let's just say Gary cannot have solid food. NONE. None whatsoever. They were talking about taking the IV out but we have meds to run tomorrow so we can't. I practiced placing his G tube this morning. It was quite a busy morning. We both did well. I did better than he did. But I was able to get the tube down just fine. I am growing tiresome of the hospital. It has been very busy this week. I am not use to the crowds because we always have been here on the weekend.

Gary is showing signs of his strength improving here and there. His speech has deteriorated but we can still make out what he is saying. This afternoon I will be getting more training with the G-tube and working the pump. They are setting up phyiscal therapy and speech therapy in Kent so that will be nice. Another swallow study is set for 3 weeks from now. Gary did fall a couple times. We are trying to keep him up and moving. We need him to know that he can still walk and do things although it is difficult. They put him on a few new medications. Paquienal given to malaria patients. It was the one medicine one of the attending thought he was already on. Hmmmmm. He is getting cytoxin and methotrexate. I am wore out. But I also am not the one having needles poked in my arm and having tubes shoved down my nose and in to my stomach. The swelling in Gary's legs look so GOOD. I can see his little legs finally. I think they look too small but time will tell.

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  1. Great news about going home! We just finished at the hospital. I told Dr. P about Gary and she said to call her and be persistent. I will give you more details in an email. She was amazed by Kya's improvement! I am so excited. We are able to lower our Methotrexate and spread out our IV infusions to every 3 weeks. We are on Plaquenil and have been from the start. It has been a good medicine for us. If he is not on Cellcept you might really encourage it! I consider it a wonder drug. It has really turned us around. Many doctors don't use it, but Dr. P is a believer. I am to now.

    We will continue to pray for you and your family! Give Dr. P a call she said the quicker the better. Keep in touch. Be a Mama Tiger!