Sunday, May 31, 2009

Update on Gary

He seems to be doing a bit better. His face, hands, and neck have flared less today. He was in better spirits for longer than usual which is encouraging. I am not being negative and say it is not going to last but I just hope in the next couple days it continues. There is no improvement in his weakness but I think that will not return for awhile. He is demanding and wants it his way. It is rather comical because he is so precious. However, I have been trying not to let him run the show too much. The bright side as well is that he will be returning once a week to the infusion center for keep the predisone up in his body and the IVIG. I am already mentally preparing that some of these infusions might just involve staying the night for monitering. I hope not but we need to do what we need to do. If that means staying then so be it. I am confident though that the once a week infusion will get us to where we need to be. The doctors lowered is at home persidone dose because of the weekly infusions. God Bless. We have had quit another weekend. I have been having a few dizzy spells. I attribute that to elevator rides at Childrens. I have a very sensitive equalibrium. Nothing an early bedtime won't cure. Please Dear Jesus, let it be just rest I need. LOL. My mother in law has a nasty inner ear infection. Gary is waiting for my snuggles in my bed. My hubby is missing me! LOL

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