Friday, June 5, 2009

Infusion Day

Today is infusion day. Gary has been doing pretty good all week. He has had only a few new symptoms. I noticed a little arms weakness, like hold things ect. His face as been swollen with his eyes as well. But I thank the heat for that. I know, who's eyes swell when its hot. A two year olds who is on lots of medication and has Jdm. I didn't consider it a new symptom, I think. He seems to be having a easier time sleeping. I noticed over the past two nights, I have had to help him less find a comfortable position to get into. So that is really good. I look forward to his muscle strength coming back and rebuilding. I also look forward to it being cooler. We are packing a bag just in case today. I am sure we will be home by dinner though.

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