Monday, June 8, 2009


We went fishing yesterday. Gary was thrilled. All morning he kept saying "mangbuy" which means mom bye, I want to go somewhere. He was thrilled to be in the car with his whole family. Making faces, singing and rocken out to the music. Very cute. At the lake we fished off the boat launch. A circus act in itself, fishing with 3 kids and a mom who just can't seem to stop casting into nearby tree's or even hooking her own son's arm during an attempted cast to get it as far as she could. God had McGuire's back because that could have been tragic. Like an eyelid or eyeball. Instead I just got his arm and he was really tuff about it. Wooops. Gary walked around the boat launch with was rocky and had a slight inclince. After about thirty minutes he was getting fatigued and refused to take another step. He begs to leave and begs to go home. Once we got home he really was uncomfortable. The walking on the rocks agitated his joints. He screamed and screamed. We got the naproxen and benedryl in him. Then tylenol. He screamed when we put his diaper on. I tried holding him and walking around the front yard but nothing seemed to work. He eventually fell asleep. He continues to have a runny/stuffy nose.

I am excited because I have a new blog that I am following. It is a two year old girl diagnosed with JDM this past January. I spent part of the morning reading it. She is a cutie!


  1. so happy you could get out for a day. We've had a fishhook in an eyebrow before!!! The boys like the "tough" stories to tell later in life ; ) You're just helping McGuire with his : )

  2. Hi Erika,
    Thanks for inviting me to see your blog! I came straight here when I got your email. I love to follow blogs - guess I need to do one of my own, hmmm?
    Our Savannah likes a warm bath when her legs are hurting but, like you said, sleep seems to be the only real help.
    "Grammy" to Savannah, age 4, DX JDM, 2/09