Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tomorrow is Infusion Day

The dreaded day. We have to get up fairly early tomorrow. Tomorrow Gary gets another dose of steroids and IVIG. I am trying to get everything organized to make the morning go smoother. Gary has been doing....I would like to say fine or good but that just doesn't really fit the picture. It will someday. But we are just taking it day by day. He wants to play outside so badly with the other kids it kills me. He yelled for me to take him outside so I did. Then he proceeded to stand there on his swollen, wobbly legs yelling at them. Just yelling how much he would like to come play with them but the ten steps is just more than his body can handle. I try very hard to treat him like there is nothing wrong. That doesn't seem to work right now though. We left him a bit to long and the temptation became to much for him and he took a step onto the grass only to immediately find his ankle, knee, and leg gave out in a domino effect, causing him to fall. Gary is very difficult to lift and move because he is like dead weight. He can't help at all and he just make this noise every time I pick him up. It's like someone is pinching him or something. Tomorrow will be our first solo trip to Children's. I am sure we will do just fine. Every time I have been escourted by a family member. The two of us will do just great I am sure. I have our suitcases packed just in case but that is only precautionary. I am still stuck on his hairy forehead. I can't wait for halloween. He is so gonna be a werewolf. He is getting his Owwwee whoooooo down.

I am really enjoying getting in contact with fellow JDM parents. Kya's mom is my newest wise council member. She doesn't know it yet but she will soon ;). I would like the other members of my wise council to welcome her. You know who you are!

For tomorrow I have loaded my ipod up with all his favorite songs and some head phones that go on the outside of his ears. I will do an update tomorrow when we get home. FROM HOME it will be.


  1. I will be praying for you and Gary today! The 2 of you will be just fine together. Our family will be praying for yours! Hang in there mama tiger!

  2. Always thinking and praying for you, Gary and the rest of your family.

    Hugs and Love