Friday, June 12, 2009

I am smart

I just came up with a great idea for Gary's next infusion. I am going to make a video with music and pictures of the family for him to watch. He will love that. I can slip some Finding Nemo clips in it. I was thinking of going around to each family member and having them talk to Gary on film. I think it will be a pretty good distraction. It has been said so let it commence. Right, after the laundry, dishes, baths, ect,. Good news, we got our first hospital bill. It is a keeper! I won't throw numbers cough cough 4 g's cough. I am not worried at all. It is what it is.

Gary is having a great day. Stiff as always but he is sleeping in my bed right now and its only seven. It is a quiet night at our house. I wasn't feeling good today so I am happy to just be right now.

A special special thank you to one of my council members who is not a biological member of the family for the very sweet phone call to check on us yesterday. Got your message today Mary. ;)

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