Friday, June 12, 2009


Gary has not been wanting to eat as much today I have noticed. He is getting pickier. Yes, two year olds are picky. Two year old on presidone, should not so much. So I got him to take some bites of lasgana. He choked a little a few times and acted like he had a sore throat. Here is the fun one. I gave him a sip of my orange soda and noticed it came right out of his nose. I wiped it away and tried again. An orange river flowed out his right nostril. I called Childrens and had the rheumatology doctor paged to call me. I asked if I should be worried about it and they said yes. Well not to worry but he needs to be seen. I said we live an hour away and a half away. She said to stop giving him food and liquids. She told me that she would meet me in the ER. Praise the Lord at 9AM!!! I will still be getting up at an ungodly hour to get us packed again and get the kids dropped off to my parents.

I will update tomorrow when I can. Thank you for your prayers. I am thinking it is a weak muscle?

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