Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Another busy day. They told us today that they are going to try and get us home tomorrow afternoon. We will be home for the weekend and then they will bring us back Monday for another inpatient stay. The plans are tentative until everything is figured out. Gary seems stronger today. He has seen speech, and occupational therapists. They have been showing me how to stretch him. Gary's spirits are sky high right now because his brother and sister came for a visit tonight. I had the Home Care Unit come and teach me how to use the pump. It took about an hour. I think I got all that. Gary seems to have a gag cough. I am assuming it is because his muscles are not functioning properly. Hopefully it will go away soon!


  1. This is big Daddy RB, I just want you to know this blog is wonderful how you keep all of our friends updated with our special Gary.

    I know God has a great plan for Gary and our family.

    I just wanted let everyone know how GREAT of a mother and wife you are.

  2. I tried calling you to make sure you and kids got home last night. No answer. I will hopefully see you tonight! I love you!