Monday, June 15, 2009


They are placing a g-tube thru Gary's nose in about an hour. I am finding a place in my mind that I need to be. I am preparing. The placing of it the tube is horrid. I know because in May they did a mucus sample test. That was worse than the IV's. I am currently a little bit nauseated and have anxiety. The swallow test showed that he is having difficulty getting the fluid to go down. It takes 4 or 5 throat contractions verses the one it is suppose to take. Solid food goes down and does the same as liquid. His speech is continues to change. Bye Bye is mye mye. Uncle Mill and Nannie Lyssa came! I am so happy they are here. They are his second set of parents. Gary is tired of his Mom and Dad. Especially since we won't feed him. I know for a fact that the swallowing is not right because after three days of not eating he did not even want the apple sauce strawberry milk or cracker. Granted it was coated in barium but after three days of not eating. Once doctor said he was not sure when we will get to go home. Robert and I wonder if the hospital has the same deal has After so many nights the next night is complimentary?? Most likely not. I will update later. I remain hopeful. I feel disappointed, sad, amoung other emotions. A c a r m e l a p p l e t i n i will solve nothing. :( Nor will profanity.

Alright enough of this mushiness. Time for MAMA TIGER. Game on.

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