Thursday, June 25, 2009

What is today?

My days are not days in the hospital. It is just one continuous blob of time. Thursday. So the Doctor came in last night and talked about possibly going home today after a methotrexate shot. Things to do different. I think we should hang out for a least a couple hours after our shot because Gary almost vomited after his last shot last week. I am going to consider that we went home last week on Thursday and ended back in before the weekend was up. So maybe we should stay Friday that way we can avoid any admitting through the ER this weekend. We have been through the ER or ED they call it here at Childrens, a lot. So am I being negative? No, I am being strategic. Gary is good. We are out of isolation and are able to take walks. He is the boss of everyone. We do what Gary says. It is just in the best interests of everybody at this point. During dinner last night, he really really wanted to eat. We had some emotions about that. It upset us both. I gave him some food thinking he would say ewww like he always does. I had to stop him as it passed his lips. Big tears. I felt terrible. I am waiting for rounds this morning to here the plan. The doctor said she would push for us to go home today. Don't worry as much as I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to come home, I also shared my strategy with her. I try my best not to use the internet as far as believing everything it says. I did read that PCP Pneumonia can cause bad breathe. This is a pneumonia that patients get who have lower immunity, commonly HIV patients. But Gary does have a suppressed immunity so it is possible. With the wet cough, bad breathe, high white blood count he had on Sunday, it is a good thing we are here. Thank you to everyone for you support and love. Love you LF!


  1. PCP Pneumonia is very common in JDM kids. You are being smart and being proactive that is what you have to do! I am so glad to hear that Gary is doing much better. I know that you are ready to go home, but using your gut instincts is the best thing to do. As far as getting sick from the methotrexate shot Kya always does! We learned to give it to her right before she goes to sleep and then she sleeps through the nausea and hasn't thrown up since we started that routine. It took us 2 1/2 months and lots of cleaning the car out to figure that out. I will say a very special prayer today for your family and the doctors! Hang in there Mama Tiger! We are cheering for you.


  2. Yes, it seems that methotrexate whooped on him!