Tuesday, June 23, 2009


So I am on break. Get some ten minute me time. Gary is doing good this afternoon. I was a little concerned that he was looking a little pale when they were doing his feeds. I had them give them to him over an hours time instead of a half hour. His lips were a big issue as well as his breath when we first came in on Sunday. Both are clearing nicely. As I mentioned before they are holding off on the cytoxin. They are going to keep running antibiotics for 5 more days. His weakness in his legs is improving and so is his rash which is great given they have not pulsed him with steroids since last week. We have just continued his maintenance steroid. I am amazed how his lips and breath cleared up. It also makes me realize how important it is not to ignore something like this that may seem like no big deal. Right now, right here in this moment in time, everything is a big deal for Gary.

Isolation is hard but I can't think of a million different other things that are harder. I am just feeling blessed that we are being treated and being treated cautiously. Gary and I spent the afternoon doing our leg exercises. He did well. I was able to make him belly laugh which puts me in heaven. I get frustrated with the throwing of toys and the pinches and grabs. But the "Orry Momm, orry" makes it worth it. The doctors are here in the morning to check on him during rounds. O speaking of rounds. I was lacking energy this morning to share this but it a good one. They all keep teasing me. They were discussing in rounds this morning how Gary is not putting out enough urine. She called the "i's" and "o's" (in's and out's). They were talking talking talking and she asked if I had any questions. I asked what is wrong with is eyes and nOse??????? They all uproariously laughed and explained it wasn't his eyes and nose, it was what he takes in verses what he puts out. GIVE ME A BREAK LOL LOL . We all got a good laugh. I was woken up by a lab person this morning with my head on the bed rail and my feet on the rocking chair in the middle of a dream about a flying spaceship in my sisters backyard. In the dream I was cursing at my sister and brother-in-law because they had remote control spaceships trying to convince me it was all real. The lab guy was greeted with a jump and jolt from me. There is nothing more unpleasant then getting woken by a strange man while your dreaming. I told the doctors that I deserve the opportunity to come to there house in the am to see how they wake up. Drool and all! I have to get back to my cell now. As always love to all!


  1. I feel like I need to tell you... I love you, I'm proud of you, this is harder than I could ever imagine but Gary is amazing and God is good and in your weakest self He adores you.

  2. What to say to someone who is so brave....just caught site of your blog and read your words...you are unbelieveably awesome, a GREAT mom or should I say MAMA TIGER! Your wit and wisdom have and will serve you well...thoughts and prayers to for you and the little man who holds my heart, is in my thoughts and has our prayers!

  3. Hey there, so sorry to hear about all of this. You guys are in my thoughts!