Saturday, May 16, 2009

Back in the Hospital

Well we are back. Back again. They are going to do another round on intravenous steriods and anti bodies. We came in because Gary was having slight labored breathing and distention in his belly. So much for having a great day yesterday. That is ok. Everyday is a new day! Hope to be home by Sunday but they said most likely Monday. They kept us not because of his tummy or breathing but they didn't like his levels from Thursdays blood work. He also has been having to much muscle weakness and joint pain. Should be headed in the other direction after last weeks therapy. We are no means back to square one but just pedaling up hill. Gary is doing so good right now. We are waiting for his meds. If you could see the expressions he makes. They melt me. He has such a wonderful personality. The family is headed down to spend the evening with us. We were suppose to have a do over of McGuire's birthday and Mothers Day. Looks like we will have to do another Do do over.

Nicole, I love you! Thank you for the info on the support group. That is awesome. Thanks for the compliment as well. Miss you so much.

Blogs to follow, most likely complaining that I wanna go home.

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