Friday, May 29, 2009

Back in the hospital

We are back. Back again. I think one of my blogs started like this before. Glad I packed a bag. Gary is continues to show signs that his disease is still active. Muscle weakness is getting more pronounced, walking is getting more difficult. He has lesions that are getting worse on the back of his neck. We noticed when we were checking in that he is developing something in his mouth. The IV went way better this time thankfully. He has been sleeping while they ran the some steroid. Metha-something. He is having mood swings. One minute he is cuddly and happy, then next is very upset.

I am not a happy camper, especially because we have to share a room. I am trying not to be rude to the nurses but we will be here for another three days.

They are running another steroid, and IVIG pulse. They asked me if I had any questions. I said I had no questions but I want to make sure that they consider he may not be responding to these treatments. And to consider if he is not responding then whats next. What is next. There is a familiar face on this website! See if you can find Waldo, I mean, Gary. If you click on the boy next to him, his name is also Gary. So cute!

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