Thursday, May 14, 2009

Back to the Hospital

This morning after blogging I decided to give the nurse another call at the hospital. The promptly called me back because Gary is increasingly having difficulty walking, sitting up, sitting down to the floor, standing up. She said to come in to the clinic and skip over the Emergency Room. Childrens Hospital in Seattle is very organized and I am impressed with how quick they are. I suppose it helps with Gary's condition but just the same. They took his blood pressure which was up but it has been since the beginning of this whole thing. The doctor explained after examining him that we could check him into the hospital, but, (the best but of my life) she wanted to increase his dose of steroids and prescribed naproxen for pain. He had blood drawn again. We are waiting for the results. I was suppose to call by 4 but was trying to get the prescribition filled at Walmart. Insurance would not pay for another round of steroids until the 28th. Oh well, it will work out. My mom and dad drove us today, took us out to lunch, and made things a lot easier. Gary is sleeping now. He is moving around a bit better. I will never get use to him saying "ow ow ow ouch" as he trys to stand himself up. But he is walking and playing. You can tell the way he swings his hips slightly to bring each leg around is done with effort. I suppose we will have good days, and bad days. Right now it is frustrating trying to figure out his normal. I asked the doctor, Monday he was having no problems with mobility by Wednesday he can't get up without assistance. What is in store for tomorrow? No swallowing or breathing problems. There is one thing I know for sure at this point. I just can't expose him to public or private germs! (whatever that means) I am tempted to post a no flu symptoms on my door. We are politely declining visitors. The flu could cause big trouble for us. Don't get me wrong, I have faith. I know he is in God's hands and I trust. I am also guided by Him as well- to help protect Gary and get him better thru God's love~ my maternal love. No matter how many times I have to watch Finding Nemo.


  1. Oh Erica, I am so sorry. I had no idea this has been going on. I'll be praying for your family. Nothing hurts as badly as when our children suffer- I know this is true!! We are praying for our Lexi too. Terri