Friday, May 15, 2009


Gary is better than he has been the past two days. The naproxen the doctor prescribed seems to help a lot. He still whimpers and crys when bending over to pick a toy up. But he has not been on the couch almost all day. Auntie came over today. We lathered him up with sunblock and put a hat and long pants on and went for a walk. Gary road in the stroller. Only his hands were exposed. I had taken extra special care to sunblock his hands. After about 15 minutes though, even with sunblock his hands turned red and his thumbs began to swell. This summer will be interesting. I wish we had the money to build a giant deck with one those sun shade things that rolls out and covers an entire area so he had a place where there was no sun. But we live in WA. Only so many days I need to stress about.

The nurse called today and said his labs from our emergency visit yesterday were what they expected them to be. He has elevated muscle enzymes and they mentioned a few other things. Our next appointment is Monday still. Sorry if I repeat anything in previous blogs. It helps me keep my thoughts in order.

We had fun with Grandma and Grandpa yesterday. It was nice having them there at the appointment.

I received a really nice email from one of my friends, Mary. She has a lot of great things to say and I have decided to run things by her for all of her great idea's. She suggested that I get some old home video out for Elexis to cheer her up. That is such a great idea. I have been wanting to convert the tapes to DVD anyway. She also explained to me in kid terminology what Gary has, LOL! It was brilliant. I will be passing her explaination onto the kids.

So tomorrow is the day. Gary will get his first injection. My mom has warned me not to do it. To have someone else do it. I can't though. I have to do it. I trust only myself. I just have to have control over this one so I know. I will take one more practice injection on myself tonight before bed with saline. My goal is to do it fast. NERVOUS for me, NERVOUS for him.

If I misspell anything or miss any words, sorry don't care, you know what I mean. oooooo I am such a brat.

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