Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Good Blood Pressure

Blood pressure was good today. 122/65. The nurse taking it said, "its kind of high". I said, "no its not." I was happy to see our regular pediatrician in passing in the hallway. He stopped and gave me a hug and said "Glad to see you are out!". I thanked him and I said, "his blood pressure is 122/65, please don't send us back, please." He said it was fine given that Gary is one steroids. Gary does much better when the entire family is around. We all take turns with him. He enjoys it very much. He forgets his ouchies. Good news in the poop department. Like five times today. So the medicine is doing its job. I am not looking forward to my baby brother going back to Miami tomorrow. I get very emotional. I may just ask him not to say goodbye.

When Elexis was about Gary's age she went into Childrens as well. She was only there for 2 days. A virus attacked her bone marrow stopping her from making red blood cells. Nothing a little transfusion to fix that right up. I had a song that I associate with that experience. It is a song from Shrek. "There is something that I see in the way you look at me.........yadaa yadaa......it is you I have loved all along." Well with every hospital stay I dedicate songs. The following song is dedicated to this experience. All's I want my baby to be able to do is play baseball. Alright, amoung other things.


  1. Thats so great. You are so good at this stuff. Great to document all stages in life, even when there not fun. Ape

  2. How do you do that?! I love it! Great work! Tissue please. :)

  3. If you need me I will be in my closet crying...That was beautiful! Dont you worry you will get your chance to sit out on those bleachers blasting your big ol' boombox for "Gary's" team! I am sure of it!