Friday, May 22, 2009

Eye Appointment

Gary had an eye appointment today. The doctors never explained to me why it was necessary but I figured there is a good reason. His vision is good. But she (doctor) kept saying that when he get cataract's ect. She asked me if I had any questions and I said, "you keep saying when, don't you mean if he gets cataract's?". She said yes but explained the kids that she see's usually end up have eye surgery. One more bolder piled on. I shared this with my hubby and he requested we don't go to the doctor anymore. He of course didn't mean it but everyday we keep learning of new things that may be in store for our baby.

My next question is going to be when is he going to get better. The sun is to the point where we are better off if not even a ray hits his skin. After the doctors he had a flare up. His face swelled and he was miserable. He slept for a couple hours tonight and then woke up inconsolable. I really don't like hearing him cry. It so stressful because I just want to make him feel better.

Rob and I went to the Mariners game tonight and left him with Aunt Amy. That was after Aunt Amy was up at six AM to come with us to Children's Hospital for his appointment which took half the day. The Mariner game. It was fun and we had great seats. My mind and my eye kept wondering to the large sign in right field. "Seattle Children's Hospital". I kept finding myself staring. I appreciated being there but don't think I am ready. I am not ready to join the general population because I just want to scream "My BABY is sick and you are not!". At this point the paddy wagon would come and put me in restraints and haul me off. Then where would Gary be.

So here is to a relaxing three day weekend. May it rain heavily so my baby and I can do some puddle stompen!

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