Monday, September 21, 2009


The Bradford's went to our first support group meeting yesterday. It was great. There were 6 other families there. We all went around the table introducing ourselves. I could have talked and talked and talked. I was so disappointed when it was done. I thought to myself, that's it? But we did go 2 hours. Our leader brought in a child psychologist to speak with everyone and answer our questions. She pointed out how it is much different for our family because Gary is so young. He cannot tell us what is going on in his body and how he feels. He can only express it. She said it is important to let that happen through playing. I immediately interrupted her and said, "is that why we have all been getting slugged with a plastic baseball bat? With no warning!?". We all laughed. One of my questions has been regarding Gary's pain management. I feel it is a little late for that since we are off our weekly treatment and on to monthly treatments. But, I think the once a months might be tougher. We will see. A lady gave me her card to email her or call her with questions I have about easier ways to get IV placement in. My favorite part of the meeting is when the group brought up the convention that took place in January. One of my favorite names came up! I could not believe it. Kya! When the parents started describing another two year old from Oklahoma who had just been diagnosed, I immediately interrupted and said, "what was the family's name?". As soon as I heard the K sound I knew immediately exactly who they were talking about. I felt like saying, "yeah, Kalee is a good friend of mine." LOL. But I couldn't say that in fear they would think I was looney toons. (Kya's blog is to the right or click on her link, I follow her religiously.) But I thought how neat, all the way up here in Seattle, Kya from OK came up.
Our meetings are going to be once a month. I can't wait for the next one! The three kids played with volunteers in the next room over. It was nice having adult conversation.

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