Monday, September 28, 2009

Overnight is coming up!

Where did the time go. I wish we didn't have to go back for our overnight infusion but I have to explain it to myself like I explain it to Gary. "It will make you better." It will keep him better. Gary is doing fantastic. Potty training is surprisingly going very well. We are still working on getting him back to sleeping by himself. I have to admit though I miss him when he is not sleeping next to me. He is like my teddy bear. Gary is seeking his independence as well. He insists on walking with the family. That is such a good thing. We haven't needed any therapy, speech, swallowing, or physical. Gary is taking it all by storm. He is figuring it out all on his own. Once in awhile he doubts himself when stepping up stairs or slight inclines. I just have to remind him that he can do it now. I am so excited to see how much weight he has lost. He looks slimmer to me. I am head over heels to the moon and back excited for my babies face to come back. As adorable and cute as he is, it still is not him. It reminds me every time of what we have been through.

Gary's skin looks great. I have hardly noticed anything out of the ordinary. His strength is just as good. We check in next week on Friday the 9th at 3pm. We were worried about having to schedule on Daddies birthday but that won't be a problem.

Ok-gotta go do my prep for our Monday shot. Ugggghhhh. I complain every time which is rude. It's not like I am the one getting the shot. Speaking of shots, flu shots for the whole family are going to be coming up. Eeeeekkkkksss.

Love to All!


  1. That is soooo great he is doing better! I hope his infusion goes well.... We willl keep ya'll in our prayers....

  2. I am so glad to hear that Gary is doing so good! It has been a good week Kya is still kind of emotional like an addict coming off of there addiction. Very moody, but getting better! I have questioned myself everytime I have given her meds thinking I missed something.

    I pray that your overnight goes well and that Gary continues to run up this hill with Kya. Just think one of these days these two are gonna get together and laugh about stressing us out!

    Hang in there Mama Tiger!