Tuesday, September 8, 2009

So far so good.....

We are in the hospital tonight. We are taking our last visit out with a bang. Gary will not have to come back for one month! We will still need to run up to our pediatricians lab for blood draws but this is great. The IV went terrible. Our room is small and we are sharing. But this is our last one for a month so we are going to tough it out. All the meds have been delayed so we have not even started any drugs. With a smile right?! When they put the IV in no labs were ordered. He had to get poked twice. HOWEVER, there as been talk of a gentleman by the name of Hector. Hector I have heard of a lot but never had the pleasure of meeting him. We got to meet him tonight for a lightening quick lab draw. You should have seen this man. He like threw the need into Gary's arm so quickly! If Gary had not been already crying, I don't think Gary would have noticed. It was truly amazing. HECTOR is my new best friend. I asked him if he would like to draw up a contract with the Bradford family. I told him when he walked in, "Hector, your reputation precedes you." Well it certainly did. I will believe the once a month thing when it happens. I must be in a mood. I am sure it will be. We did get some preliminary labs back and his LDH popped up a little. But that could still be ok with them. I am so happy though that they are telling us just once a month! Gary's limp is better. He is a little stiff after sitting for awhile and when he wakes up. It usually works itself out.

Since all the family is out of town, April has the kids tonight. Since she has three of her own, it is kind of a big deal. Thankfully our children pair up nicely. Just the same I am grateful.

Thank you to our anonymous angel for the gifts in the mail. Elexis got herself a new pair of boots that she was thrilled with. She pranced around the house with a big smile. THANK YOU. May blessings rain down on you. HUGS N KISSES! A really tight hug.

I can't hold it in, my baby sister got engaged. So if she asks, you didn't hear if from me! SUPER excited and so Happy for her. I love her so much!

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