Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I Told You

I posted this picture of Gary at Krispee Kreme eating a donut. As I stated in my previous post, we are tapering his steroid. He is down to 5ml in the morning and thats it. So his weight is starting to come down. I know I talked about how excited I was about that. At the same time it doesn't bother me because he is sooooo stink'n cute. Yesterday we had another blood draw. Gary was very scared this time. I had to carry him into the hospital. He usually fights me on walking. He is a big boy. He wants to walk. He practically ran the other way. Poor buddy. He was not his usual perky self. The great news was that HECTOR was there to do the blood draw. I was thrilled. I saw him out in the waiting room saying hi to someone and I said loudly, "Hector, Your here!". I know in the back of his mind he was thinking, who the heck are you?! But I don't care. I am sure he see's a lot of patients. We were in his lab room for about 40 seconds. That included, sitting down, chit chat, and the blood draw. He once again worked his magic and threw the needle in a vein. He throws it like a dart. It is the coolest thing I have ever seen. Gary already crying did not have to sit there and look at needle in his arms for over 5 minutes. When we go in next week for our overnight, I am tracking him down and taking his picture. He truly is amazing. I know I am going on and on about Hector, but the trauma Gary has been through is a whole lot. To have this one thing done so quickly is really great. So here is why I started off this blog talking about Gary eating a donut. I have been so aware when we are out and about. People stare. Sometimes they laugh, like "how cute". Sometimes they OOO and Ahhhh like he is a newborn baby. Then there are the ones that make send me to the roof. We were in the gift shop yesterday, waiting on the pharmacy. Gary picked out a balloon, handed it to the cashier and began to stroll around while his balloon was being blown up. Of course there is candy in a gift shop. He picked up a piece and looked at his Auntie, "Can knee Nannie?". She replied, "what did you find, candy? Yes, yummy, huh?". He said, "Yummie," and but it back down. A woman with her child in a stroller watched all this. She then proceed to tell her very small child, out loud, "Oh, you will not know what that is, not if I can help it." Something along those lines. I was across the gift shop and on the other side so I heard none of this. I came back around and my sister was upset. I asked her what was wrong. "People are freaks." My sister is just as sensitive about the issue as I am. So let me give you a heads up. Some advice. THINK WHAT YOU WANT BUT KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT, ESPECIALLY IN HOSPITAL GIFT SHOPS. You have to know that patients and there families are in there. They hear you. It is not what you know, it is what you don't know. With all that being said. I forgive that lady. Don't leave me a note saying maybe she didn't mean it that way or Gary doesn't notice so neither should you or don't be so sensitive. Oh wait, thought I said I forgive her? Ha HA yeah, working on that. This all just confirmed my suspicion about what is going thru other people's heads when they look at him. What did I learn? Never judge, and if I do, keep it in my head. If I do judge, I have learned this time and time again: The good Lord will show you. He will slip you into those persons shoes to help you feel your assumptions. He has bestowed that gift upon me time and time again. I am grateful for that. Well, when your in the thick of it all, it can be hard. Find joy in all things. Ok so my joy would be I know that Gary isn't the way he is because I fed him too many donuts.

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  1. Girly I don't blame you for getting upset! People really should not judge or make assumptions about anyone because you never know what the other person is going through! I have been on prednisone, methatrexate, and Enbrel for awhile now and have a really bloated face! I am used to being really skinny and this is just a little thing because at least I am walking and my rash is going away! I was at a local Arby's and seen a girl I went to school with, I cheered she did not, she barely new me and she said "Oh my goodness I hardly recognized you, your face is so round" I didn't know really what to say but yeah I've changed a bit! I was crushed.... I cried in my car for a minute and then realized who cares what people think.... Apparently I do or I wouldn't be crying but I just prayed about it and let it be! I am sorry that happened.... Some adults really do act like children
    Hope Gary gets well soon
    Summer :0)