Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Conversations, talking it out helps

We took Elexis in for a rash on her arm that we have been fighting for awhile now. She has eczema that bothers her and becomes infected at times. We paid a visit to our pediatrician to get some antibiotics for her. Of course, with Gary in tote. How do I explain Gary's energy. Let's just say I joked around with the doctor asking if he had any downers we could give our little rocket ball. Goodness. I think he was thrilled to be there because he knew we weren't there for him. I did have the nurse do a quick blood pressure check on him. It was high as always. I suppose it could be higher if he wasn't on medication to help control it. Our pediatrician who we have been with for ten years now is terrific. He asked how everything is going. I told him good. I let him know we got to take a break this week from our IV Cytoxin which is good. I did voice my frustrations I have sometimes with the many doctors we see and the many opinions that come with it. I told him about Gary's odd limp that I was concerned about. He did such a great job talking me down from the ledge. I expressed my concern about there choice not to investigate it further or at least really explain to me why we are going to wait and see. He pointed out to me that MRI, X-Rays, ect, are all great and fine. But what ends up happening is sometimes we end up chasing tests. We fill Gary up with a bunch of electromagnetic waves, (which no has proven is or is not harmful) to possibly find something. That leads to another test, and then sometimes another. He said, "We would rather treat the human, and not the tests." I told him that made perfect sense, but what if he had lets say, (oh mother's imaginations can think of just about any horrific thing, especially mine) calcinosis in a joint. He responded with, "What if they did? That is very hard to treat. There is not much they could do for him if that were the case. You wouldn't want them to preform surgery, that would not be the best for someone with on immune suppressing drugs." (I am a processor. I need to time to review the info in my head. I understand everything but the questions don't come to me right away. So when the doctors ask, did you get all that? Do you understand or is that alright with you? I just want to say call me when I get back on I-5, that is when the questions come to me. I feel like it is unfair to the doctors, because if I could think of what I wanted to say right then and there, they might get less of a bad wrap or rap ; ) ) We talked more about the different styles of doctors. He brought up our visit to Chicago. He said he got the report from Dr. Pachman's office. I was surprised! I hadn't heard anything. I have been so focused on his current treatment, I just figured Seattle Children's would get it. He said it didn't have any new information in it, and that Dr. Pachman agreed with his treatment. That was good news. I was happy to hear she agrees with the path we are on.

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  1. That is great news! I am glad to hear that Gary is back full of energy. Isn't that fun to chase them and not even be frustrated about having to do it! We are continuing to pray for your family and I pray that you continue to find the answers, comfort and peace that you as a mother need. I went through that yesterday with Kya and dealing with the local, OKC, and Chicago doctors. I told them all that all I wanted was to know they were all working together to make the quickest correct decision on what to do for her.

    Sounds like things are greatly improving and I can hear the peace that you are getting in your blogs. You are in our prayers! Hang in there mama tiger!