Thursday, September 3, 2009


We have another study swallow set for tomorrow at 10am. I told the doctors on Monday at the last appointment I have barely been using his NG tube. Praying they give us the clear to take it out. I am going to take it out for the study. I hope no one is too shocked when we show up with no NG tube in. He has been doing fine with food. I only notice small instances of some pooling in his throat. We are still scheduled to go in on Tuesday at 2 for our overnight. This one is going to be icky because we also get IVIG which means we are there what feels more like 2 days. Gary's methotrexate shot went very well. Daddy sat him on his lap and they played let's hide under a blanket. Gary was wise to us however. He cried but we were able to blame it on a bee. I rather have him scared of bee's instead of me! His energy continues to be really great. I was thinking how weird it is that we are tapering steroids, yet his mood swings and temper have only gotten worse. Yes, he is two. I remember. His strange limp seems to be getting better. The more he moves the better it gets. If he sits or lays for an extended period of time, that is when he is the slowest.

We had a wonderful time at the Mariners game last night. It was last minute. I pulled the kids out of school early. It was so much fun. They were sitting in the office waiting for me with this look of freight on their faces. Elexis instantly asked, "Are we getting our flu shots?!". I said, yes that's it, your flu shot. McGuire later admitted to me he thought it was about Gary. Sad! I laid the Mariner blanket out on the back seat of the car. I put McGuire's Mariner cap and Lexies pink foam Mariner finger on the seat. I hopped in the car before they did and put "Swing" on by Trace Adkins. It was so fun to see the look on their faces. They were so happy! My sister took Gary home with her so it was just us four. Exactly what we needed. They game went quick. The weather was perfect. A very special thank you to JP & KP! :). Thank you for continuing to bless my family.

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  1. So glad you enjoyed the game Erika, and I was hoping you would go to get a much needed break....sorry it was so last minute, thats just how we roll sometimes :) .. continuing to pray for Gary and you and your families amazing strength....hugs!!!! Kelle'