Friday, April 1, 2011

Pamidronate Infusion Complete

Gary slept and slept through the 2 hour infusion.  He had no reactions.  They did not monitor him as closely as I thought they would but I suppose they know what they are doing.  They gave him benadryl and tylenol just like they do with IVIG.  I carried him out to the car.  We were both grumpy.  I had to wait in the registration line to get my keys from valet.  Holding a drugged up 4 year old with all of our stuff and standing in a line put curse words in my head.  Oh how I would love to be a Miss Goodie 2 Shoes, but a las, I am not.  I found myself wanting to yell out, "really people,  I just need my keys, don't you think this is traumatic enough?!"  And then I realize who I would be saying that too.  Everyone else around me with children who are at Children's hospital?  I was highly irritated by the employee's, one sitting and the other talking.  Having a conversation, watching me desperately hold on to my four year old who was pale white and sweating and crying on and off. God let me be more considerate if you place someone in that situation in front of me.  Tell me to help!

We finally made it out to the car after getting through the line.  Gary was crying but fell back asleep as soon as we excited.  We pulled into our driveway and all the family stood around the car.  It was like being at the zoo, waiting for the aggressive attack animal to wake up.  We opened the door and he screamed for nobody to touch him.  He cried and cried. He yelled he hated us all.  He finally let me pick him up and carry him inside to the couch.  Auntie came over with a large plate of peanut butter cookies.  Cautiously she handed them to him.  He stopped and sniffle gasped, and glanced at her and quietly uttered, "sank u".   He ate the entire plate.  By himself.  I paced back and forth thinking, any minute that plate will be coming back up.  It was a lot of cookies.  But he didn't skip a beat.  He recovered and is doing well this morning.

Now lets hope this stuff works!

He continues to complain about his ankles hurting when he runs.  It's not constant but stops him, he yells out, OUCH!  Then keeps going on like the true four year old would.

Gary has been experimenting with the word "hate".  I don't like it but I know it will pass.  Last week the dog poo poo'd on the floor.  Once the smell hit Gary's nose he sniffed and goes, "whas dat mell?  oh dod! whas dat mell?!! I hate myself!!!  I hate myself"!  I can barely type this because it was so funny.  It is so fun how they are not sure what to do with words right now and when and where things are appropriate.  All's he knew is something smelled bad that made him hate himself.

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  1. Yay that it went well, yes I agree I think nurses could be a little more vigelent just sayin' lol so it's so great you are such a great advocate to Gary and me and the hubs are for me! Wow that no one asked to help, there should be more sweet people in this world that clearly see that you had your hands full and instead on gossiping up help a girl out, geezy peezy!

    That is awesome he had an appetite and apparently those were some good cookies yay that he kept them down...

    Sorry his ankles are bothering him that stinks and I pary so hard that this med works! Hey I just figured out how to join JDM and I did yay!

    Oh thank you so much for your support yesterday you really eased my mind on the b cells yesterday I was so scared I cried most of the evening then I got your email and felt alot better I am still worried about the Rituxan not working but my dr said that it may once my cells come back, I am going up there really soon emergency appt, and they are talking more big meds oh yuck thanks for being my friend!