Thursday, April 14, 2011

Appointment *Shrug*

Got the big shrug.  "It's not a problem, it's a difference."  His bones are fine.  There isn't a lot of calcium that the doctor could see in his feet in the xray.  Toes crossing.   Dunno.   Ankles and knees hurting, ask the rheumatologist.  Got the big shrug.

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  1. Oh Ericka,
    Nothing like the "Big Shrug" to make ya wanna scream "seriously ya'll are the dr.s tell me something, anything, except I dunno" geezy peezy I think if we get I dunno's at appointments then we shouldn't have to be charged for them LOL! Well that is good that he doesnt' have much calcinosis but it still would have been nice for an answer for the crossed toes! I will pray that GOD gives the Rheumatologist wisdom to figure out a cure for it! DM is so frustrating for it is so rare they seend you from dr to dr to dr to dr and almost all of them shurg! Geezy....I got a shrug too...Oh to answer your qestion they are reall scared to try IVIG on me for I have a rare blood clotting disorder and they are afraid it will cause me to throw a fatal clot! Mason what did they finally give him that worked do you know? The Dr.s are trying to find another really big med right now so I am in waiting muscles are so weak I was outside with Kelcee the other day and bent over to pick someting up and lost my balance and couldn't hold myself with my arm and fell hard I am soooo brused but it was kinda funny LOL...

    I love this new blog look you hae and I can't wait to see pics fo the make a wish playhouse...I am so excited for you guys!!