Monday, April 25, 2011

More for recording purposes..

Just to look at him right now gives me a feeling.  Not a good one, not a bad one, but one of restlessness.  I feel like I am on a little bit of a roller coaster.  I know we have been busy these past few weekends so I keep telling myself its because we are all tired out.  A four year doesn't get tired like that.  There is a look about his soul that seems tired right now.  Yes, I can see is soul.  I am his mother.  He played his T-ball game this weekend, (Saturday).  It took some begging to get him out there.   It was hard to decide if it was a social thing or if he truly wasn't up to it.  Once he got out there he seemed pretty good.  He ran the bases and had fun although he  put his hand over on his right leg at the front of his hip.  He seems to be fine when he runs but when he goes into a walk, it looks funny.  I know mentioned that in my last post but for sake of working it out in my mind.  We did easter eggs afterwards.  He has been very mellow.  It's is not usual for him.  That part drives me crazy.  Yesterday, after the egg hunt, he curled up in his Aunties arms and took a nice long nap.  He has been having coughing fits after he eats and his voice is hoarse.  It seems to have some to be hoarse a lot lately.  Someone asked me at the party if he had a soft voice because of JDM.
Gary (8) and his buddy Westly waiting on the buckets for their turn to bat.

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