Monday, April 4, 2011

Make A Wish Weekend: Closer, closer, almost there!

It was a muddy, rainy set up this weekend.  Thank you to Grandpa Gary, Uncle Ray, and Brian & Chris from Apollo Sunguard for working so hard.  Gary was excited!  I think however, once he see's it all come together he will be over the moon.  Gary is doing very well after his infusion of pamidronate.  He seemed to recover.  He has gotten the occasional head ache but other than that.  I am not sure how long it takes to see if it is having any effect of the calcium deposits.  I can't find where it says that.   I would call the doctor and ask but I am pretty sure I will just get a "I don't know".   Here is some pictures this weekend.  April 17th is our Make A Wish party.  I am waiting to here what time and everything.  If you know me, and know Gary, you are invited!  I want my world there to help me say thank you to everyone who made this wish possible.  A lot went into it.

Make-A-Wish Foundation

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  1. How Awesome, I'm crying! I can't think of a more brave, strong deserving little boy then little Gary and I cry so hard when I think of all he has to endure for I know what it's like and he is my little inspiration, my strength he really is and I am so glad he gets his wish, to play outside and not worry about getting a flare due to the sun, you are the best mommy Ericka and I am crying from joy about this wish...

    Wow it's funny I have never met ya'll yet you have a big place in my heart