Sunday, April 24, 2011

Putting it all Together

Crossing toe's, and now a slight limp, hip swing.  Nothing drastic but something I noticed.  When your rheumatologist calls you on a Friday night?  Rutty Ro.  I admit at first I thought she might be calling to talk about our orthopedic appointment from the week before.  She asked how he was doing.  I said pretty ok.  She said some labs are up.  I quickly filled her in on the "OK" part.  He has been using more effort on stairs, going up and down.  He has been asking to be carried a lot more than usual.  The day before I noticed he was limping slight.  It looks as though he has a little hip drag.  Yesterday at t-ball he was grabbing at his hip a little.  He runs pretty good but as soon as he walks it goes into a hip drag.  It's like a swagger.  A change.  I sort of kicked myself a bit.  Gave myself the "trust your maternal instinct" pep talk.  I knew it.  When his toes crossed 2 months ago, I kind of had a feeling we were in store for something.  So we are due in for clinic appointment on Wednesday.  Our rheumatologist wants us to drop in at the lab.  She is going to check his B cells to see if they are coming back.  Although we just ran another round of Rituxan in December, she still wants to see if they are there.  (I really love blogging, it opens me to my thoughts and makes things clearer).  Here is the problemo I have with that or concern.  So lets say his b cells are back.  She is going to want to run Rituxan again.  His toes started crossing in February.  I have to imagine that the weakness of the muscles started a little bit sooner then effected his toes, hence the constant complaints about ankle and knee pain.  Rituxan was last ran in December.  If it is or was or whatever it is doing now as far as working, is it now?  He initially responded very well to Rituxan, but like the Cytoxan, has it found a way around it.  F E A R   

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