Tuesday, March 29, 2011

For my Summer!

Make A Wish Update!  We are so so so so close.  This Saturday the cover is going up.  Our final build date and dedication is set for April 17th I believe.  I wish I could do a Live Web Broadcast. Hmmmmmm.  Think think think.  Maybe I will see if I can figure out how to do that.  Anyway, here are the latest pictures



  1. OMG I am soooooo excited for ya'll! Gary looks so cute and so over the moon excited for his covered playground! Hey if you have video on your phone you can take a video with it and then go to youtube and click the mobile upload button and it will give you a code to just text it to you tube then wha la you can download video of the ceremony! Or just take pics lots and lots of pics LOL

    Hey they have determined that I have ALOT of JDM qualities more than the aduld DM so I have like a cross of both with more signs pointing to JDM imagine that anywho...I am on 3,000 mg steroid pulse, 20 mg steroids daily, celebrex, they just increased my methetrexate to 7 at one time it was 10 pills but my liver wouldn't tolerate it, Rituxan (chemo drug infusion), Folic Acid, 5000 mg Vitamin D mine is really low, Water Pill, Loratab for pain, Magic Mouth Wash for Ulcers in mouth, two other meds to help with anxiety from steroids, Multi-Vitamin, Precripton Iron mine is really low like anemic low, baby aspirin, and a few others I'm forgetting LOL...um as if that wasn't enough...I think that is a great idea to look into about Gary's Dr., thank you so much for your advice and tip, I too have pushed to give Rituxan one more go and they are gonna do it as soon as my b cell bloodwork comes around, fingers crossed it works this time, the broken caplaries and hemorages are back under my nail beds and violet helitrope rash is trying to surface ugggggggg
    Hope Gary is doing well today,

  2. That is going to be one serious canopy, holy moly! How exciting!!!