Thursday, July 9, 2009

Infusion Day

We check in today at 1 for our overnight infusion. I have a ton of things to do before we go. Hotel is booked. We did not get a hotel near the hospital but that is ok. We are by the airport which I prefer because we won't get in till almost midnight on Sunday. With the hotel being close, I don't need to worry that our bed won't be far away. Need to double check a few other things.

Yesterday we took Elexis up to see the pediatrician (I swear I should just wear scrubs everywhere, so I fit in with all my medical peeps, after all I am at some kind of medical facility, all the time, lol). She has a strange rash covering her entire back. Ya know how I love rashes. Rashes are a big deal! Anyway, our doctor wasn't quit sure what it is. I know exactly what it is. But I am leaving tonight and then again on Sunday so I wanted to be safe, not stick my sister with having to take her to the doctor if it got worse. It is from excessive swimming, and sun exposure. The doctor we saw did run down the usual list of questions. Does anything hurt? Your muscles? I felt like grabbing the man by the collar and saying like Clint Eastwood, "don't go there doc, I ain't in the mood for games, I already got one with achen muscles, rash, I don't got it in me to do two of um now." But I didn't do that. That would have been scary. He may have produced a needle and stuck me with some sleepy juice to get my hands off him. I know, I have quit the imagination. But she is fine. Just needs a little scrubben and some lotion. If it doesn't get better, than we can come back.

Gary continues to do better. Yesterday wasn't as good as the two days proir. He was more ouchie yesterday and by 7pm he was asking to go to bed. He wanted to lay with Mommie in bed. I am sure until we can get this into remission, we will always have our good days and bad days.

Another angel dropped a wonderful gift in the mail for our family. No return address, no names to properly thank you. Well we thank you! WOW, my children especially loved it! Thank you. Those will come in handy. I will try and update from the hospital later on.


  1. Hi! So glad you found us. Good luck with your Chicago trip. I am happy you are getting the right treatment for Gary early on. :) Thanks for your note on our blog. You have a beautiful family and we look forward to keeping up with Gary's progress. Mason says hello :)

  2. Good afternoon Erika,
    Hope and pray all went well for Gary's over night stay. In talking to Robert yesterday he said it should be a restful night for Gary. Now as Sunday gets closer, I pray that Gary continues to do well so the flight will be more enjoyable for you both.
    Instead of wearing scrubs, I would just apply for an honorary doctorate degree with all the knowledge you are getting from being around the nurses and doctors. :o) Lynn

  3. Good morning, Here iit is, the Saturday before you and Gary head for the Windy City. Hopefully the past 2 days have gone by with as much improvement as the past couple of days have seen. In talking with Robert on Thursday, he figured the infusion should do Gary good as he should most likely rest well. I pray that he gets some good rest today for an uneventful flight tomorrow. My God grant you peace and comfort in the coming week of your continuing adventure toward completing the mission. Lynn