Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I am having a wonderful time watching Gary catch up. He is doing new things everyday. He can now get on and get down from the couch by himself! He even tried to run. I am really looking forward to lowering steroid doses so we can get some of the weight off. His personality is returning. He is sweet and likes to laugh. He can do stairs if you help him lift his leg. After recovering from "Chemo Friday", he got his energy back. He is also starting to eat more with less choking. I am excited to see what this Friday appointment brings! I think he may be ready for a swallow test. Hopefully we can start the tapering of steroids. His rash looks pretty good too. He seems to be tolerating the sun a bit better as well. As far as his eyes, they seem fine now. He must just have been super tired and full of iv fluid. On Monday, he had his first physical therapy evaluation. He had fun playing with all there toys. We qualified for at home care which will be nice. I requested that once we are off the immunity suppressing chemo, that we move his sessions to the center so he can get a change of scenary. I still cannot believe how fast the summer is flying by.

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