Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Amazing Week

So far we are having a terrific week. In so many ways! We are busy getting all geared up for Chicago. God has been busy sending blessings and blessings our way. It truly is crazy and amazing. If I could put a color to how it makes me feel, it would be that bright white yellow color. Some dear friends from Solid Rock stopped by with a bag of blessings for the plane ride. My heart could truly burst. In the mean time, Gary is doing so good. Really. We have had a tremendous week. He is starting to do things he hasn't done in since May. He is doing bigger steps, with effort of course but considering he couldn't get off the couch. He actually bent over and picked up a ball of the ground tonight. MY OH MY OH MY! I swear I could hear Dave Niehaus yelling! We are starting to try foods that are a bit more challenging, scary, yes, but necessary. Gary ate a banana, and a few other things. The whole trying to eat actual food thing is nerve wracking but like I said, need to find out what this boy can eat. It does involve choking episodes which traumatizes me. Then I don't give him anything for awhile. I did call and ask for another swallow study to be done, just to see where we are truly at. I am not sure if that will be done before or after Chicago. We are suppose to check in for another infusion at the end of the week. Still waiting to here which day that is.

If you email or post comments to me and I don't say anything back, I really want to and I mean to. Sometimes I do in my head but then don't get a chance to actually sit down and type it. And if I forget, thank you thank you thank you!


  1. Hello, my name is Heather Dallmann and I am an aunt to Mason Smedley whom you left a comment on his blog introducing Gary. I am brought to tears reading about your son and his battle with Dermatomyositis. I just wanted to introduce myself and say that I will keep your baby and family in my prayers. I've witnessed Mason's struggle over the past 6 years and pray for remission. The Cure JM team that has organized here in Hillsboro is working very hard to spread the word about this disease to our community and one day to the nation. Our hope is to continue to raise money for the needed research to find a cure. We hope to see you in August if you are able to make it. My heart goes out to you and little Gary. Keep up the fight, he can beat this.

  2. I am so excited for Gary! My girls pray nightly for him and he is always in our prayers! Small steps are the biggest. We take so much for granted and this disease will really show you that it is the things we take for granted that matters most! Kya crawled onto my bed for the first time since December on Monday night and I just cried. I will be praying for your family! Hang in there Mama Tiger!


  3. I am not a mariner fan, but I do love the excitement and passion behind "get out the rye bread and mustard grandma. It is grand salami time!!" He is a great announcer.
    Baby steps produce great encouragement. I remember praying for a little girl at our church that has dealt with health problems her whole life, and after multiple surgeries over the past several years, seeing her an almost normal active 2nd grader is wonderful. Not only that, that recently her dad came to church with her mom, something which he had never done before, and it was not even Easter!! Remember these baby steps and use them as markers as Gary continues on the mission. take care and may God continue to bless your family. Hopefully along the way some one on the outside will look in and see the love of God surrounding him ( and you) and want to have some of it too. Lynn