Tuesday, July 14, 2009


We are here in Chicago. We have seen Dr. Pachman. I will blog later how that went. Summary: She has agreed to be a consulting physician. I am interested in what Seattle Children's will do with this. She said that Gary is to far into his treatment for her to step in. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I am still processing the whole thing. I am having mixed emotions. Now we are facing the dreaded standby flights. After spending the day in airport we are back at a hotel and will try tomorrow. *Note: Everything in Chicago is overpriced and the food doesn't meet the price. I am ready to come home. PRAY for open flights. Off to find some deorderant because my deorderant is headed to Seattle without me. (When you fly standby, only you do, not your luggage.)


  1. I will pray for an open flight for you! I pray that all goes well and that you get the help you need. I will also pray that your doctors in Seattle will use her as a consult and that you will use her as a consult. She will be a great resource if you have a concern or a problem with his treatment! Hang in there mama tiger!

  2. I am sorry to hear that the trip to Chicago isn't maybe what you had hoped for. Our trip to Chicago was a little rough as well. It's hard to beat the NW. I hear that Seattle children's is an excelletn facility for JDM we debated about going there ourselves although I am glad we ended up at Legacy here in Portland. Thanks for the blog comment and for rounding up people for the concert. We will keep your family and Gary in our prayers - Damon