Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday Infusion Day

Hopefully this is our last weekly infusion. Today Gary has a swallow study to see where we are at as far as recovery our swallow functions. I think he is ready to have the tube come out. We have had very little choking lately, on liquid and solid foods. He is also needing less rest lately. He can go longer and farther. We also have moved him out of our bed. Since he has been sick, I sleep next to him in our bed. We put a mattress next to our bed and moved him down once he is asleep. Kind of starting over again. Before he was diagnosed, we had him moved into his brothers room in his own big boy bed. We stay tonight for cytoxin and methotrexate. Should be smooth sailing. Last week Gary was hanging onto his blood so they had to draw from his foot. I hope that doesn't happen this week. :( But if it does, he hates it when it is happening but is quick to get over it. I will try and update from the hospital again if I can to let you know about how our levels (should be normal because they were so close last week) and how the swallow study goes.

We are so excited for next weekend! We are going on a camping down toward Portland, then going to the Cure JM concert for Mason. The kids are super excited because we haven't had a chance to do much of anything as a family this summer.

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