Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Plan

So we checked out on Saturday about 1pm. Gary's levels are almost there. A few of them are normal, one is below which is fine. Another is almost there but still on the high side. As I said before, his NG tube stays in until they can do another video swallow to really see what is going on. We find out Tuesday if we are switching to every other week treatments. Gary was a little cranky when we left but perked up when we came home. We spent time with my cousins. I cherish that time. Our family does not get together that often. When we do it is pure bliss. It was the first time since Gary was diagnosed I was able to sit down with them and be an Armstrong girl.

My buddy thinking let's get out of here.

Gary's strength continues to improve as well as his mobility. He is able to pick things up off the ground with less effort. I want to work Gary and push his muscles to rebuild strength. But this morning I told him I would give him a lollipop if he made it up the entire set of stairs (not stepping but crawling up). He did it. He got his lollipop but now he is complaining much more than usual about sitting down but himself and raising a leg. This morning he also had to have his NG tube replaced. He pulled it out in his sleep. Again, I just wanted to leave it out. But I know. We all know. Very soon.

We are also so excited for the CureJM concert in Hillsboro, OR. Our family has not had the opportunity to do anything together this summer because of all the hospital stays. We are taking advantage of it. We plan to do some camping and fishing with The Saas Family.


  1. Gary is absolutely adorable....sounds like he is doing well...Yay!! :) We look forward to meeting you next Saturday!!

  2. I am so excited for you guys! I know what a blessing it is to see progress. Your family is still very much in our prayers! I had to laugh at his expression because that is exactly how Kya is until we are gone from the hospital. It is like she knows to put on this pathetic little face. He is such a doll and I am so glad that he is getting his strength back so much more. Someone at church this Sunday heard Kya talk and said it was the first time they had ever heard her talk. I guess we don't realize how much it affects them until we really stop and think about all the little things.

    We are praying for your family time and for the Smedley concert and event! Hang in there Mama Tiger! You are doing great!