Friday, August 21, 2009


Ok so yea his levels were back down again which means they will not pursue other medications as long as his levels don't change next week. I mentioned his new increased rash activity returning but they said they will check him over on Monday. It will be decided which direction to go from there. His energy is amazing. I love it. He has leveled out to being happier towards the end of the week. His personality is wonderful. He is doing this squeal of delight that brings my heart great pleasure. He started a new sound this week. The "th" sound. It comes out as just 't'. So we ask if he would like to take a bath. He will repeat, 'BAT' in agreement. Robert has been working quite a bit. It is endearing to hear him ask about Dad throughout the day. I am not looking forward to the kids returning to school. :( Gary enjoys his siblings very much during the day. I am a bit more at ease since my last post. It takes me a couple days to let things settle as far as my emotions. I get all unwrapped up just to get all wrapped back up again on Monday.

*Happy note: I just made contact with a friend I met in High School. I have been looking for her on and off for years. Gotta love Facebook! She is from South Africa and beautiful as ever!

Also in the right hand corner down below I have begun to keep track of Gary's levels.


  1. Good evening Erika,
    Glad to hear that things are calmer today, and your little man is a happy camper. this should become one of your "markers" to help track this journey. Gary's progress is making you smile inside. Hooray for our side :o)
    When you go to the doctors next week, keep that visual in mind and your week will be great, even if the doctors make you feel other wise. Take care and enjoy the family tomorrow...... My prayers will be for a super de duper day for you all Lynn

  2. Good evening Erika,
    If I read correctly, Gary has another appt tomorrow, Monday. I will be praying tonight that all goes well with this appointment. Enjoy a great nights sleep, and the rest will bring you. Couple that with his increased energy and "th" sounds, I am guessing it has been the best weekend in awhile. Take care and may God continue to bless the Bradford household. Lynn

  3. My dear Erika,
    I celebrate the "th's" or shall we say "t's". Sounds like Gary is ready to move on to one of my favorite kid learning videos! More on that later. Praise God for Gary's extra energy and good spirits! I plan to stop in for a visit when our kids get back to school. Mine start Sept-9th, I hear yours start Aug-31st. Thanks for keeping us posted!