Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bad Mom Day

I had one of those days where my head just seems to be elsewhere. That can be risky for a mother of three. Proof I was being a bad mom? Well you read my previous post about the less desirable music I let them listen too. Then there was the medicine. I had just had Gary Plaquinel refilled on Monday. The bottle consists of eight pills. HOW in God's name he got a hold of it, I have no idea. HOW the lid was off and WHY. Ugghhhh. Gary was quiet for awhile and I thought, how nice as I was cleaning his room upstairs. I moved a blanket and a pill fell out. My daughter said, here mom, here is a pill. ALARMS in my head went off. What would a pill be doing on the floor. Huh. Oh well back to cleaning. Gary was now with me at this point. A few moments later I head back downstairs to find the scene of the crime. There they were. Eight white pills spread out in a scattered fashion. Powder residue coated the leather. I immediately gasped and ran to find him. He looked fine. No changes in color, breathing, nothing. I asked, "Gary, did you get into medicine." He just looked at me. "Gary, did you eat any?". He said "No, icky." He had even taken the pill cutter which contains a razor blade had began chopping them all up. The reason for the white powder residue. My hand was on the phone ready to call Children's to see what my concerns would be. You know, what to look for. Before I did though I took a deep breath and pieced them back together. All eight pills were accounted for. He had not consumed any of them. Now celebrate that he is back ladies and gentleman. He is back to getting into any and everything. We even had to lock the front door today because he kept going outside naked. Quiet is not a good thing. I have to get use to that again. Another side note: Gary has had a few distressful episodes with swallowing today. I am not concerned yet. May have just been an off day or maybe he was just tired. The distress did not come the point of actual choking but mimic'd that sensation. Keeping an eye on him. His skin is still showing signs of activity. Redness that comes and goes. Extreme episodes of localized itching, then it goes away. But it seems to have subsided a bit. The whole cherry on top though was tonight when I went to give him his nighttime medicines, another medicine I just had refilled was all gone. The lid was not on tight so it leaked out in the bag. WAAAAHHHHH! How did that happen? Time to start being very careful.

I miss my husband. He is home from umpiring but is always really tired understandably.

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  1. My oh my, sounds all to familiar. You do not know how many times that I heard the last line last year, "you are never home, and when you are you are worn out from umpriring." So this year, I umpired about half the amount of games I did last year. Definitely heard less of "I miss you dear". But did I learn my lesson?? NO. This fall I begin officiating volleyball for the first time. :o) Lets see how that flies..........

    It is good to hear that Gary's activity level is showing signs of normal activity. I am also glad to see that God is still in control protecting him every step of the way.

    Now about that bad mom rap, I have never liked that term. My wife, bless her heart, did a great job of raising our kids, but on days like this, she just needed encouragement to show that we cannot be with them 24/7. Just hang in there, enjoy the lower activity level when school starts, and next time Gary decides to go streaking, take a picture so you can use it as black mail when he starts dating. LOL I have this great photo of my son, now 21, when he came out of an outhouse at a baseball game with his drawers around his ankle. It is a rear end veiw, so not to revealing :o) I hope and pray the Bradfords have a great weekend.