Sunday, August 30, 2009


So we have an appointment on Monday. My message said we might keep you overnight, we might not. Ohhhhh let it be not. It will depend on his levels and how he is looking. In my opinion, he looks great. I think our red rash as really backed off. I am always looking for it. A little to hard at times. His fingers were so red pink last night after the bath. I was thinking my goodness! Your fingers are crazy right now. No s t o p that. Then my daughter came in the room wrapped in a towel. Her fingers were the same color! I had put one of those bath fizzies in there bath. They were picking it up as it fizzed. It was hot pink. It temporarily stained there fingers! HA!

I found out I can make Gary suddenly bawl hysterically at at a moments notice. "Gary, are you going to sleep in your own bed tonight?". Not even preparing him for it works. This will be a slow process getting him back in his own bed. We were totally there before he got sick. I was really tough on him when he wasn't sick as far as you must sleep in your own bed. But given his reaction to a simple question says TRAUMA. He of course is a little traumatized with the whole thing. The best part is it will go away. He won't remember. Well I hope he doesn't. It is why woman keep having babies. We forget the pain. Speaking of babies, my daughter asked me or rather told me that she would like me to have a baby girl. I told her that Daddie and I don't make babies anymore. She stopped. "Mom, yes you can. Yes you do". I told her no, we really don't, not wanting to go into details with a seven year old. Suddenly she says, "Oh Mom, that's right. That's right," pausing to sigh and shake her head. "It's because of that surgery Dad had on his 'woo hoo' long tine ago, huh?". Yes, Lexi, the woo hoo surgery. Oh good Lord, the memory and the attention these children pay. So endearing. So embarrassing. I love it.

*Yes, it is 3:18 in the morning. Sometimes I just wake up. I hate that.

Prayers that we get to come back home this Monday instead of staying the night. Prayers for the children's first day of school on Monday. My heart is a bit broken they are heading back to school. The summer was like lighting. A fast flash. This time next year, I hope we are able to make this summer up to all three of them. Each year we have been going to Fish Lake and camping. We didn't get there this year but that's ok. We are always on the look out for our favorite, a tent trailer. Our family loves to camp. Ok, I love to camp. Anyway, I would love to be here for when the kids get home from there first day of school. McGuire is in 5th grade, and Lexi is in 2nd grade.

The Big One from 2 years ago


  1. Out of the mouth of babes!!She is such a cute little stinker isn't she! Will kep you in prayers about tomorrow.

  2. That is a classic story! One for the ages and to use to embarass her at family reunions. I like the "woo hoo" surgery. I am sure there is a good story behind that as well.

    I will pray for just a 1 day stay tomorrow. This morning at church one part of the message refered to this, and I want to pass it onto you and your family....

    lamentations 3:22 - 25
    "Because of the Lords great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness. I say to myself, the Lord is my portion; therefore I will wait for Him. the Lord is good to those whose hope is in him, to the one who seeks him;

    I hope these words speak to you like they did me. No matter what we deal with, God is there faithfully for us. We must never quit seeking, trusting, hoping in Him. God Bless and enjoy your day as a family.

    I am glad you woke up at 3AM today and blogged rather than more wild dreams :o)

  3. We will pray for a 1 day stay! I know how long hospital stays become and I feel your pain. I am glad that he is getting better and I would love for him and Kya to meet someday. He is in her and Kaysa's prayers numerous times. We truly feel a connection with your family and I hope that you continue to see improvement! I am so nervous about Friday's blood work that I am about to worry myself sick. I just want so bad for it all to be normal and perfect, but then there is reality! I just pray that GOD will give us all the peace that we need.

    As far as the "Bad Mom Day", we all have them! I can totally relate to the music bringing back memories and jammin' out in the car also. Isn't life a fun journey and isn't it great to have kids to share it with?

    We will continue to pray for your sanity and for Gary's healing. Praying for a short stay and a good treatment!