Monday, August 10, 2009

We are Home and Leaving again..

We are back from the concert and there are no words. It was wonderful. It was....ok here are all the words to describe. Wonderful, emotional, FUN, amazing, Awesome, Excellent! Our family had a great time running around enjoying all the different activities. It was all powered by a great cause. It was not as if we were there for selfish mindless entertainment (although I like that kind too). We were there for a cause. A reason. Sure, it was in the pit of my stomach whole time: I can't believe we are here for not just Mason, but us. Mason. Mason is an inspiration. I am not going to lie. If the Smedley's read things, please please no offense. It was tough. He is so brave. After working up the courage to take Gary up to meet him and his wonderful Mommie, my husband and I hurried away to cry in the corner. Why. Why? Because it is the unknown for us. We were weeping for him and his battle. Heartbroken almost. He is an amazing kid. Gary was thrilled that they had matching tubes. My family was jumping up and down when he arrived. My children came running up to me, "Mom! Mom! Mason is here!". Your a true celebrity to us Mason! Sure Savannah was precious, Jessica was breath taking, but Mason was the man of the hour. I will try and post a few pictures but I am frantically trying to get laundry washed and packed again for hospital. We leave this morning. I will write more on the concert if I get a chance.

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