Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My Posse

This evening on the way home from a shopping trip an old time favorite of mine came on the radio from when I was a teen. Reminder that most teenagers are stupid and make dumb choices. I was NOT exempt from this stupidity. Anyway the song was Sir Mix-a-Lot, My Posse's on Broadway. All the kids were in the car. Of course it propels me into a happy nostalgic mood, up goes the volume. The whole car consists of my ten year old son, seven year old daughter, eight year old nephew, and two year old son. The car becomes electric. Out of the corner of my eye, I see heads bopping back and forth. Limbs and bodies bouncy to the beat. I even seen my ten year old observing himself in the mirror as he does his moves to the music. The words are inappropriate at times but hard to follow so I didn't worry. All the sudden I became a little emotional. I thought back to when I was young, out with my friends or my older sister. How cool my "posse" was in the car. At one point even smoking, feeling cool, but hating every minute of the taste, but it was cool. Especially with Sir-mix-a-Lot on the radio. My emotions shifted to a happy satisfaction. So this is my new posse. My chubby two year old, perking his lips and slamming his hands together to the beat because that is what the posse was doing. It was as if the Holy Spirit filled me, reminding me, these children are your gifts from Me. Here is your posse. I know, sounds corny, but it was my misty moment. It's my heart.

Feeling a little convicted over the words not being the best, we followed it by a jam session with a song my friend Lynn sent me. The kids know it well from church and really enjoying it. I thought the car was electric with Sir mix a lot song. My entire body was alive. Every hair stood on end as the kids started to not just dance, but each child sang each word. I loved it. I love that they could sing with such love for the Lord. It was truly beautiful.

Of course I still am human and His child and return to my grumpy mood which I don't like to do. It is so easy to fall back into the feeling of everything being a hassle. Now I have to make dinner, which comes EVERY night. LOL Dinner is aggravating. Always gotta come up with something new. Truth be told, I am so happy I can and God provides.


  1. I grew up in the 70's and listened to what is now deemed, classic rock. God made us with an amazing computer, that we humans call brains. It stores so much info it is amazing. I can hear just a few notes and the whole song is in my mind just like I heard it yestrday. Do I hear flash backs??? LOL Nothing like a little Crazy Train by Ozzy Ozbourne to mess up your day, huh?? Ya know, Petra did a song back in the late 70's called Killing my old man. It is about just this thing. There is a line, "Everytime that I think he is gone, and I have finally won, he just keeps coming back, and keeps me on the run" I am glad that as you point out, we just need to turn to God and all is well again. GOD IS GOOD. It always brings me joy to hear and see kids sing God's word and enjoy it. Thanks for the great encouragement Erika. Lynn

  2. Praise God for the small things! What a sight that must have been, all of the kids jamming out in the back seat! Thanks for sharing a great story!

  3. Erika, this is not corny at all, but a glimpse into your life as it is right now and the realization of the blessings you truly have.I think God gave you that "posse" time with your kids for a reason and you paid it forward by sharing it with us, so we can all be reminded how blessed we are also.Does that make sense? Stay strong girl, you have an amazing knack for writing and I look forward to more stories by Erika:) God bless your family and of course sweet little Gary. Kelle' P.