Thursday, June 24, 2010

This time last year

I have been thinking lately about his time last year.  This time one year ago we were in the hospital for a week because of an unknown infection.  Yesterday, he played all day.  He ran.   He jumped.  He swam.   He ate and drank. And at days end,  slept so good.  This time last year I had to wake up frequently to help him turn in bed to find a comfortable position. I had to wake up to mess with his feeding pump that was hooked up to his NG tube.  In once a week for infusions.  I have not stopped to put my gratitude in print.  What an amazing journey it has been.  I want to thank Seattle's Children Hospital for all there amazing work.  Thank you to Rheumatology who as been there every step of the way.  Thank you to the nurses who speak with me frequently about the big and little things.  Sure I have minor complaints throughout my blog, but hey, its my job.  I am so thankful we were able to get him back.  There was a day that wasn't possible yet.  And it wasn't very long ago.  So thank you Father God  for your healing and your protection over this family.  I humbly recognized all that has been done.  I know the fight will be life long.  I will still worry.  I will still rant.  I will always be thankful.  I have him to love and enjoy with his brother and sister.  That is past the stars wonderful.  Thank you for each day God.

I love you all for the encouragement and support.  

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