Thursday, June 3, 2010

Checking In

I wanted to do a post just checking in. Gary is doing well. On Tuesday we had our six month eye check up. Everything checked out A-Okay! No signs of damage or deterioration.  I think he may have been a little more sensitive to the drops because it took over 24 hours for them to start working again.  His eyes stayed dilated. Finally this morning they seem to be back to normal.  Gary skin seems to be less active lately which is a good thing.  I did call the nurse before Memorial Day weekend started because his eyes were puffy and bloodshot for the whole week. But they were fine over the weekend.  She said it could be a reaction to the Rituxan.  It could be allergies.  It could be the JDM.  It could be nothing.  It could be mentally draining.  Yesterday he did have a little bit of a rough day.  He woke up complaining of tummy pain.  Visited the potty a couple times.  Threw up dinner in the evening but wasn't showing any other signs of anything.  So I think maybe just a tummy bug or his body is starting to react to some of the medications?  Here is what I do.  If he doesn't have a fever, is not bleeding from anywhere, is eating, is going potty, is up and around, then he is OK.  Always watching.  You just know.

Before the tummy pains started he was had a big appetite.  These pictures were taken at 10:30pm.  He was eating a  peanut butter n jelly.



  1. He is such a cutie....I hope he starts feeling well quick how he fell asleep with his p&j sandwich....precious....glad his eye appt. went well

    I had to make my blog private....will ya send me an email so I can send you an invite....mine is

  2. I am sorry his tummy was hurting, but great news about the eyes! I am glad he is doing better. Isn't it funny how they want to eat until they fall asleep. Kya's thing is string cheese. She will get in bed and want water and string cheese. She will eat it and take a drink and be out!

    We are praying for you guys! Thanks for inspiring me to run. I am not brave enough for a marathon, but I will tackle the 5K!!! Hang in there mama tiger!!!

  3. oh sweet baby boy. I miss you guys