Wednesday, June 16, 2010

IVIG Infusion Number: Lost Count

We had our monthly infusion today.  Our check in time was 8:15.  We had a great nurse in the infusion clinic.  She was on top of everything.  All went smoothly.  Except for the IV.    The nurse asked me right away if I had put numbing cream on before we came.  I replied, "never have done it that way."   I mean we have used the numbing cream plenty of times but never at home before we leave.  I told her that we would just go ahead and use the J-tip.  The numbing cream irritates him to no end.  His IV's have been put in on the first try lately.  So I put warmers on his hands but it didn't go the way I had hoped.  They tried in his hand.  Then in his arm.  All the veins have been accessed so you can only use them so many times.  So we went for the foot.  I told her don't bother with the J-tip.  It's an extra poke.  There were plenty of juicy, wigglies.  I had faith she would get it on the first try.  He did jump and scream a bit more, but it was in.


In my previous post, labs were important today.   They came back "ok".   They came back "ok" enough to lower his home dose of prednisone from 3ml to 2.5ml.    His AST level is 50.  That is still elevated but could indicate his liver might be irritated.  This level has been up for awhile.  So if it is his liver then going down on the predinose is a good move.  If its the disease, then we will see.


As I mentioned before our nurse was awesome.  She ran the methotrexate and we were out the door.  However, we turned around and went back for some Tylenol.  Gary looked really pale.  He was grabbing at his head crying.  They quickly gave hime Tylenol.  He slept and drooled the whole way home.  It's been a little rough this afternoon.  He is very temperamental.  He is King of the House tonight.   The Red Queen shall bow down.  Just for tonight though Gary.

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  1. I'm glad you had a good nurse this time :0) It makes a world of difference! Sorry that it took so many tries to get his IV in....yucko....glad they finally got it....ouchy on the foot!!

    Oooh the Methetrexate gives me headaches too....

    Yay that they are tapering his steriods also! Hope the liver enzymes decrease! Mine were really elevated and when they started tapering my steroids it started going down! I will pray Gary's does also!

    You are the best mommy!
    LOL that the red queen bowed down :)
    ps don't off with my head for saying that hahahah