Thursday, June 17, 2010

Almost Run Time!

I had started a Run Blog so I didn't over "run" Gary's blog with running stuff.  It's not ready yet.  But in the name of raising awareness my next marathon is coming up.  I decided to stick with the 1/2 Marathon.  June 26th Seattle Rock n Roll Marathon.   I am so excited!  Did I mention I was excited.  I am running with my good friend Michelle Pritchow.  We have a few on our team, that has been lovingly been named TEAM GARY by another team member Becky Kinney.   I haven't really pushed for donation this time because this race is more about raising awareness.  Of course, I am happy over the moon if someone donates towards the cause of finding a cure for jm, but everyone was so generous with the Austin marathon.   So we are raising awareness. I feel this is just has important.  My friend Heather (Mason's Aunt) found this interesting article:  Click HERE to read.

Raise Awareness!

Our Shirts will catch Bill Gates or Warren Buffets Eye!  Bill, if you are reading this CLICK HERE to make that donation!!!!!!!!
I am hoping for some Seattle sunshine to catch the millions and millions of silver glitter specks I have doused our running shirts in!   I hope to leave a trail of glitter LOL.  Maybe I should put more on?? Picture taken by my 8 year old.


  1. Great shirt Erika! Go girl.


  2. Love it! Way to go Erika! You are an inspiration!!! :)

  3. You are a gorgeous babe.

  4. You are so pretty girl! Um I am lovin that shirt and as you run you are leaving a trail of sunshine behind ya!!

    Summer :)

  5. I love the sparkles! Think I can get Lake to wear a sparkled CureJM shirt to run in Chicago? It would definitely draw attention!!!

    I am so glad Gary is doing better and you inspire me daily. We are so proud to have you on the CureJM team!