Friday, June 25, 2010


I am so pleased to announce that mere hours before the 2010 Seattle Rock n Roll Marathon, I reached my fundraising goal!!!!!  I am so touched.  Every donation that came in is so emotional.  Each time I literally choke up, throw my hand over my mouth and weep in amazement.   I know it sounds corny but it is so wonderful!  So far with the Austin Marathon and now this marathon, my total is 3,650.00.  It may seem small but it just feels huge to me.  It feels huge because this amount came from my family and friends.  I know things have been interesting for everyone lately in this economy.  So like my fundraising page says, I know its huge when people donate.   Alright, can you believe its almost midnight and I have to be up by 4am to be down in Seattle.  Thanks again to everyone for donating.  Thank you for all your encouraging words.  I appreciate it to the moon and back. I will post pictures later tomorrow afternoon.  Also, I know I exceeded my goal but feel free to donate anyway. ; )

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  1. How Awesome girlie! Congrats and I hope your race went Awesome! I just know it did pretty girl!

    love ya
    Summer :0)