Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Long Infusion Day

We had our infusion day yesterday.  It was so long.  Seemed like it took forever.  Gary is doing good.  He looked terrible when we got home last night at around 830pm.  He was really pale, hungry and tired.  He wanted to play Wii.  He tried so hard to get out of his druggish stupor.  We all had to be patient.  He ok We ate about 1000 goldfish.  He had the steroid munchies, mine was lack of control.  Least it wasn't M and M's this time.  I will refrain from complaining that we were scheduled for a 1215 so I didn't get around to ordering him lunch until 130.  We were busy doing IV stuff, getting things going.  I asked, I need to order him something for lunch.  He can't have an empty stomach with all these drugs, and steroids going in.  Sorry they said, they stop taking orders at 1:00.  Here is where I struggle with myself.  I say "Oh" politely but on the inside it's not ok.  I know there is a way to go about getting things done.  The discomfort sometimes for me is more than I can handle or at least choose to.  I find this a rediculous quality about myself.  I can't leave him to go the cafeteria to get him something.  I asked can I take him there (just wheel his IV pole on down, grab a cheeseburger and be back in 10).  They said no.  They have crackers and milk and things of that nature, but that only goes so far.

To eat all the crackers and make them sorry for not considering we were their ALL day.  Gary ate about 20 packs of Goldfish.  I put back about 20 as well (meaning we ate them).  We were making headway when the person who stalks the drawers came along.  The drawer was full again.  I was so discouraged.  I am the typical spoiled American.  Not only should I be thankful we have crackers, but we are able to receive healthcare.  Didn't I start this by saying I will refrain from complaining.  I have learned my lesson.  The infusion clinic stops serving after 1pm.

Gary's armpit is looking good.  It will be awhile before it heals.  Remembering back to when he was first diagnosed, he had the same start of an ulceration right about his belly button.  It was small but took forever to heal.  He now has a little scar there that looks like a hole.  I suspect this one under his arm will do the same thing.

I love the picture.  It says, pale and crazy, don't mess.


  1. Sorry about the loooong day girly :0( ! My heart hurts when ya'll hurt....I know what it's like all too well my friend! LOL about the goldfish.....Oh Kelcee likes to play Wii too...She likes to accidently wack me with the tennis racket...LOL

    Oh when you get a chance hop over and check my blog out! I got a new makeover for it and it has ALOT to do with DM and JM....on my side bar you can click for the video with Gary read about the disease....I really really want to spread the word....I thought this is a good way to start....I am gonna donate to JM too!
    Summer :)