Thursday, March 25, 2010


Gary has been selected to Make A Wish!   Well selected or rather approved to make a wish thru the Make A Wish Foundation.  I emailed them because Gary loves being outdoors and in the the sun.  Our backyard is not shaded so I feel like he can't be out there safely.  So if Mommie could wish for Gary, it would be to wish for some sort of sun protected yard or area he could play in.  However, I know it doesn't work like that.  It is what Gary wants.  Well, he wants to live outside so, you know.  Our backyard is a little bumpy as well.  We have tried to flatten it out but the previous owners kind of had some stuff they put back there so a lot things sank into the ground, making it very treacherous to walk around, let alone play.   We removed all the trash and debris.  We have worked on it the best we could but ya know.  So thank you Make a Wish for considering my special boy.
Make-A-Wish Foundation


  1. Eeeeek I am sooo excited for ya'll! You deserve it so very much! I wanna see pics lots and lots of pics....
    Summer :0)

  2. That is totally awesome! I am so excited for you guys. That is truly something you guys deserve! You are an inspiration!