Thursday, February 25, 2010

We Are Home

I wonder how many blog titles we have that start with "We Are Home".  We are home.  We came home last night.  The hospital thought it would be oh I don't know, fun, I suppose, to move a patient into our room with a contagious illness.  It was an infant but an infant that was sneezing, coughing, and not very happy.  They came in about 1 am.  By 8am when the doctor who came in to talk to them dressed down in "ISOLATION GEAR", I thought, OH how interesting.  Our docs came in next and I said, "we need to go home".  I am so greatful for Children's and healthcare but its a bit distressing how things are over looked for convenience sometimes.  Like there was a question or chance Gary's spot on his armpit could have been MRSA.  No one would swab it to make sure.  We should have been in isolation until it was determined we were in the clear.  Children's is in desparate need of expantion. I asked for an appointment in the infusion center for our last dose of steroid.  They readily agreed as long as I could flush and hep lock his IV.  NO problemo.  We were exhausted, well I was exhausted by the time I got home.  Gary was ready to take any WWF champion who walked thru the door.  Gotta love them steroids.  He is feeling excellent.  His strength and energy are that of a energy drink times ten.  Steroids,  gotta love, and hate them.  But they have seem work very well.  Our next infusion is Tuesday for IVIG and another pulse.  This week was the start up's of our monthly overnights.
Gary's opening ulcer, looking better.

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  1. Erika,
    I am glad to hear you guys are home! I have been thinking and praying for ya'll alot these past couple days! OMG I cannot believe they put a infant with a severe cold in te same room with Gary being he has a supressed immune system and all! Sometimes the staff just don't think! I have ran into that one myself! Your such a great mommy to say um no check us out....I heart you for being such a great advocate to Gary and such a great bloggy friend to me! Oh bless his heart that sore looks painful! Ochy! Is it MERSA???? Wonder why they didn't test for it????
    Hang in there girly
    Please keep me posted
    Summer :0)