Monday, March 15, 2010

A Letter

Hi Erika,

It was so nice to spend time chatting with you yesterday after the IEP
meeting. You, Gary, and your family have been on my heart even more since
our conversation.

Today during speech, McGuire came in super excited to share something with
the group on Youtube. He showed us the video montage you made of Gary. 
After we watched, I asked Mcguire if it would be ok if the girls asked any
questions they had about his brother (since he was so excited to share and
the girls curious about why he was in the hospital). It was a great time
of sharing.

The video you made is so beautiful. Afterward, I spent a quick moment on
your blog (since I'm working I didn't want to linger too long!) and your
entry about your marathon brought me to tears. I wanted to thank you for
spending time yesteday sharing about Gary, his illness, and the journey
your family is on. I look forward to spending more time reading your
blog. I believe that your words and the process of sharing your journey
will bless people beyond measure. Your family will be in my family's

Can you imagine how this made me feel?  Thank you for blessing me back.  Thank you for your words.  These words if only for a moment put it all in prospective.  A prospective of encouragement.  This encourages me to keep doing the best that I can.  Keep working, fighting, living, and loving. These words are a huge hug from God, thru you.  Thank you for taking the time write this and brighten my life.  

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  1. What a beautiful letter Erika! You deserve it and sooo much more! You are an amazing mother, an amazing wife, and friend! I feel so blessed to have "met" you through blogland although I wish it was through different circumstances! The lady had it right about your story blessing people beyond measure! You have blessed me beyond measure! When I read your story, see little Gary, Here of you running a marathon for all of us who can't it really puts my life into perspective and I just want you to know I think you are AMAZING!

    love ya
    Summer :0)